The full load of SOC Container Expertise

Now from one source – with three strong partners.

Now from one source.

The world is becoming increasingly networked – the global requirements of our customers for the container business are becoming ever more complex. To meet these requirements even better, we have joined forces with three strong partners to form a new alliance for container services around SOC container projects: the C ContainerConcepts.

Your advantage: You receive all services of CHL, Conical and CR from one source and benefit from our worldwide network, even better service and lower prices.

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Complete. Competent. Cost-efficient.

Clear added value for you.

You save time and money by getting everything from a single source and benefiting from our many years of experience in the container business.

Due to the worldwide optimization of purchasing volumes and the combined much larger number of sales locations all over the world, the result for our customers is

Clear added value
in service

Better planning

Clear price

Worldwide Prefence. Full Transparency.

With C- Container Concepts as a reliable partner.

Why you can always rely on our worldwide network? Because we don’t rely on anyone else. C-ContainerConcepts is on site for you worldwide with its own facilities to support you in your global SOC container business.

Your advantages at one glance:


Highly qualified, in-house personnel with many years of professional experience on site

Full transparency
in order processing

All the best for your Container Business from A Z.

Our service offer.

Our service offer:

  • Sale of all types of SOC containers
  • Quality control of containers before release
  • CSC documentation
  • Before and, if necessary, post-carriage of the containers in the receiving country
  • Repurchase of the SOC containers after use in the receiving country of the goods
  • One-Way-Lease- Konzepte (weltweit)
  • Flexible Laufzeiten (inkl. Kontingent an kostenlosen Miettagen)
  • Worldwide One Way Lease concepts
  • Flexible terms (incl. contingent of free rental days)
  • Reliable DPP (Damage protection Plan) for the SOC containers

Benefit from clear cost and service advantages, e.g. with our One Way Lease offers for SOC containers.

Especially this, compared to the common COC containers, can often create clear added value for you and your customers.

Your contact for Container Success.

Only one contact for everything.

North- and South- America
Jens Hocke

Alexander von Trebra

Europe & Asia
Olaf Gayko

Container Expertise three.

With our three strong Alliance Partners.

With C-Container-Concepts at your side you secure the concentrated load of container competence in all areas, as the strengths and worldwide locations of the three alliance partners complement each other perfectly.

And they all have one thing in common: the highest level of competence in the container business.

To move even more for you around the world, we are of course also pooling our purchasing and sales power and pass on all the benefits directly to you.